About US

One day while surfing for some PC games, even after searching for hours, I could not find the game of my choice on any online source. This was so disappointing. 

That’s when I thought nobody else will get this issue again. 

I went to my friend and proposed the idea of Truzine. My friend is a tech freak and he knows all about games and apps. We both opened the website 07 May 2021. Since then there has been no looking back.

We have hundreds and thousands of apps, games and tools for PC on truzine. Not only that, we also like to educate our users about technology with the latest news, tips and tricks about using these apps. 

Our main aim with this website is to provide the latest but secure files for PC to our users, so you could have one source for limitless apps and games that you can trust.

Make no mistake, each file uploaded to our servers goes through rigorous testing. Our lab tests make sure there is not a single file which can cause a problem to your PC. We also test the games and update the files with the latest versions every now and then.

We will keep updating Truzine with the very latest games, apps and tools for you. Keep an eye on the space.

You can contact us on [email protected] for any information or getting in touch with us.