1. Can I get any game or app on your website?

We are continuously trying to update our database to include all the needed apps and games. If you have any specific requirement that is not on the website, feel free to contact us or raise a ticket through the contact us page.

2. Do you provide 100% virus free files?

Yes, we do. Rest assured each file is first tested on our own system and then uploaded to the site.

3. There are many sources who claim to provide authentic files. How do I trust you?

Don’t trust us. Install any game or software of your choice, test it and give it a trial run yourself. If you like it, only then go for more downloads.

4. What is the main purpose of Truzine?

We aim to provide all the popular apps and games for PC under one roof.

5. Can I find “Need for speed for PC” on your portal?

Yes, just search for it on our homepage using the search button. We have uploaded the latest files for the different versions of the racing game on truzine.

6. Are your files up to date?

We update our database almost daily with the latest versions of the tools.

7. Do you provide the latest versions of the software?

As mentioned above, all our files are up to date.

8. Do you also provide mobile APKs?

Not yet, we only provide PC tools, games and apps right now. In future, we might expand to provide the mobile utilities as well.

9. My file is showing “could not install” error. What should I do?

Try to reboot your PC and install again. If the error still persists, send us the file url and your PC specifications.

10. Do I need to reboot my PC after installing the file?

It is not needed unless you have problems running the file.

11. How do I get in touch with your team?

Please contact us on [email protected] or simply use the contact form on this page.

12. I can not find the desired software. Where can I send a request?

You can send us a request through contact page. We will get back to you within 24 hours.